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Columbia CodeCamp 2010!

Hello Everyone!

Its been a bit since my last blog post, so I thought i would give an update as to what I have been working on.

On January 30th I will be travelling to Columbia, SC to speak at the Columbia CodeCamp!  I have been working hard on a new presentation that will cover the popular topic of Touch and Multi-Touch.

In this presentation I will be going over the different ways Touch and Multi-Touch can be handled in WPF and Silverlight.  It will show things like Raw Touch, Manipulations and Gestures in both of these technologies.  I have about 7 demo’s already coded to show the different ways of accomplishing this as well as a sample on how to build a fully abstracted gesture processor where there is a common code base for both WPF and Silverlight, and it actually works! :)

After I present this for the first time at the Columbia CodeCamp I will be shortly blogging about it and posting the source code.  After that I plan on speaking on this topic somewhere in Atlanta TBD.

If you are in the area for the code camp please drop by, its free, alot of fun and there will be lots to learn.  You can register for the code camp at

Hope to see your there!

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