Augusta CodeCamp

Hello everyone!

So last Saturday I took trip over to Augusta to speak at their first annual CodeCamp.  We had alot of fun and learned alot while there.  This was also my first CodeCamp presentation outside of my local area!

There was a cancellation of a spot right before my slotted spot so I stepped up and did an inpromptu adhoc session on Intro to WPF.  This was interesting since I had nothing prepared.  I tried to show as much code samples and different concepts in WPF and in the end it went very well.  A few people came up to thank me for the presentation because they knew it would be difficult being last minute but they learned alot.

After that session I did a revised version of my WPF Custom Controls presentation.  In this one we built the basics of a NumericUpDownTextBox from scratch to go over the concepts, then looked at a pre-built one I did that was alot more robust.  You can download the presentation materials here.

If you made it to the CodeCamp then I hope you enjoyed it!


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