Razre WPF Framework

Hello all!

I have just released the Razre WPF Framework to CodePlex.  You have visit it here.

The framework provides the following functionality.

  • A Navigation system to a MainRegion.  Can provide a dynamic, custom transition animation.
  • A DataTemplate View resolution implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) UI design pattern.
  • A full Layout theming mechanism to swap out the entire visual representation of a ViewModel.

Each of the systems are integrated with each other to provide a robust and performant mechanism in which to provide this functionality in a new WPF application.

The sample application needs alot of work right now from the visual standpoint, but I think the code is fairly well organized to show how this framework can be used.

I will be adding new functionality to the framework as time goes by, so look for some cool updates to it.

I hope everyone finds the framework helpful and as always, Happy Coding!

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