Razre WPF Framework

Hello Everyone!

Wanted to give an update on a framework I am working on called Razre.  This framework utilizes some pieces of Prism2 and provides a few more functional framework pieces.  Currently the features I have working are Primary Navigation with customizable transition animation, An implementation of the MVVM UI design pattern that utilizes DataTemplates to resolve a View to a ViewModel and a full DataTemplate to ViewModel Themeing mechanism.

The different pieces are tied into each other to provide a rich and performant base system from which to develop upon.  The NavigationManager allows to define primary screen navigation by navigating to custom visuals or directly to an instance of a ViewModel.  The MVVM system utilizes a ViewModelFactory to create and resolve the appropriate View through a DataTemplate without relying on a DynamicResource.  The themeing mechanism understands how to notify a ViewModel when its theme has changed so that the ViewModel can find a new DataTemplate pointing to a completely different View giving us full visual theming support.

I have the project up on CodePlex at http://razre.codeplex.com/ but i have not published the project yet.  My sample application needs alot of work and i still need to do more exection handling and commenting increasing the robustness of the framework.

Look to see it coming soon!

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