Beyond the Plugin and into the Browser

Hello everyone!

So last saturday we had the Atlanta Silverlight Firestarter event and we could not have asked for a better day!  We had lots of people interested all day in the topics and many excellent speakers from around the United States.  It was alot of fun!

The presentation I did was Beyond the Plugin and into the Browser.  This topic showed how you can utilize the browser that is hosting the Silverlight Application so that you can interact with the web application that contains it.

The slides and code samples are available for download here.

Here is a summary of what it covers.

Access to the DOM

  • Create new elements and add them
  • Modify existing elements
  • Remove elements
  • Familiar Javascript-like objects

Javascript Interaction

  • Work with events
  • Full Access to the Window object
  • Execute dynamically generated Javascript
  • Expose Silverlight objects to Javascript

Navigation By URI Syntax

  • Navigation Frame
  • URI Mapper
  • Bookmarks
  • Custom URI

I hope you all enjoy the presentation and remember to visit to check out what our local user group is up to!

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