Introduction to Prism and the MVVM design pattern in WPF

Hello All!

So it looks like my user group presentation went very well with lots of very good questions being asked and a general feeling that people learned some good stuff.  I had a lot of information to cover in a fairly deep topic so it was challenging at best, but still a lot of fun to present.

Highlights for the presentation include


  • Bootstrapper
  • Modularity (IModule)
  • ConfigurationModuleCatalog with ConfigSettings example
  • IRegionManager
  • IEventAggregator
  • DelegateCommand<>


  • ViewModel design and implementation
  • View design and implementation
  • Tieing the two together via DataTemplate
  • Themeing
  • Designer/Developer interaction

Materials from the presentation can be found here.

I hope everyone enjoys the materials and if you have questions please feel free to email me!

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