Attended Sharepoint Saturday

Hello All!

Last saturday I attended the Sharepoing Saturday conference and it was a blast!

First of all, a big thanks to Dan Attis for setting up and organizing the event, he did a great job!

So I have never actually looked into anything Sharepoint before and wanted to go to this event because I thought it would be a great way to start off.  A good portion of the topics were a good bit advanced (at least to someone new to Sharepoint :) ) so i had some difficulty finding the right sessions to go to but I think the ones i did find were very helpful.

The first session i went to was done by Phil Wicklund and was titled – Development: Building the next Generation of SharePoint Web Parts – how to Leverage JQuery and Silverlight!  In this session we learned how we can include the wildly popular JQuery and Silverlight in our Sharepoint Applications.  I have to say that after seeing this session, I can see a good adoption of both of these technologies into Sharepoint and they will end up becoming key to making very cool Sharepoint applications.  Most of the content was around JQuery and Silverlight itself, but the ease of integration with Sharepoint is the kicker.

I decided to skip out on the second session because all of the topics seemed a bit beyond where i was willing to venture for the moment.  So instead i went out to the common area for the speakers to see if i could have a one on one talk with one of them about getting started with Sharepoint.  I had a great conversation with Michael Lotter about things like key terms to understand, what books and articles would be good to start off with and a general discussion of just the base object model used in Sharepoint.

The third session (but my second) was the one i had been waiting for all day.  The session was Development: Getting started with SharePoint Development by Aaron Cutlip.  In this session we got our first basic dive into some of the beginning end user and development concepts in Sharepoint.  This is a session that can be hard at times because their are many different starting points in Sharepoint and each starting point could cover its own entire day of content to really get an introduction.  With the time frame given i was very impressed with the presentation Aaron gave.  I came out of there understanding a whole lot more about Sharepoint and where i needed to start.

The fourth session (but my third) that i attended was Development: Building Custom List Forms in ASP.NET by Doug Ware.  Doug is a local Sharepoint guy here in Atlanta and is always great to watch doing a presentation.  This topic went over the different ways that a Sharepoint List Form can be customized to reach a large range of goals that it can provide.  This was a more advanced topic and i was only half-confused by him.  He did a great job presenting and relaying the information, i just think i might not have been ready to take all of that information in :)

The last session i decided to skip because I think i had enough information for the day and the rest all seemed like topics i might not understand do much.  So instead i went over to the popular Rock Band setup and tried my best at laying down some riffs and doing some singing with the other people that attended.  I had never played Rock Band before so it was alot of fun for me.

Afterwards we had the closing ceremonies and awards.  They pulled random names for receiving a book as an award and it turned out that they had enough books for every single person to get one.  I personally got one on using Silverlight in Sharepoing :) .  I figured it would be a good match for my WPF/Silverlight specialty.

Lastly but always a blast was the Sharepint meetup at Millers Ale House after the conference.  This is where everyone gets together for some food and drinks afterwards and any furthur discussions.  Always fun to go to these.

Well thats about it for Sharepoint Saturday.  Again a big thanks to Dan Attis for setting all of this up.  And also a thanks to all the sponsers that made this happen.

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