Vegas Vacation

Hello All!  Time for a non-technical blog.

Last week me and my wife went on vacation to Las Vegas for the first time and wow was it alot of fun.  We got to see many shows, see the Grand Canyon, ate alot of food and got some nice relaxation in.

Our first show we saw was Danny Gans at the Encore/Wynn.  Hands-down the best show i have ever seen.  He is a true one-man variety show.  He does over 200 impersonations, sings, dances, plays instruments, does stand-up comedy and much more.  If anyone is ever in Las Vegas i would definatly recommend going to see him.

The second show we saw was KA at the MGM Grand.  This is a Cirque du Soleil show with a good kinda samurai setting.  The story is one many of us have seen but the way KA presents it is phenomenal.  There is a heavy emphasis on swordplay shown by very skilled actors.  There is definatly some really cool strangeness when you see creatures the size of humans moving around with precise style.  There were 2 very good displays of acrobatics.  I would definatly recommend seeing this show or other Cirque du Soleil shows while in Vegas.

There are other Cirque shows that were recommended that we did not get to see.  O is a heavy water based show that is supposed to be very good.  Another is Love.  This one is a Beatles themed Cirque du Soleil that has had raving reviews by both tourists and locals.

We also took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  Ive seen many pictures of the Grand Canyon but none of them do it justice.  You really have to be there to take in the wonder that it is.  The tour included flying through the canyon and landing for a half an hour for snacks and champagne and also provides good picture opportunities.

We got to stay at the Bellagio and man is it a nice hotel.  It covers a city block by itself and has many restaurants and shopping venues without ever having to leave the building.  Right now is a very good time for hotel prices.  The Bellagio is in the top 5 in Vegas and we got our room for about 150$ a night.  This is unheard of by people who have been to Vegas in the past.

Having never been to Vegas before i wasnt really sure what to expect.  Now that i have been i would definatly go back and recommend anyone seeking a fun vacation to check it out.  If you are looking for a relaxing vacation i would not recommend it.  While we did get some relaxation in, its a place that when you come home you are absolutely exhausted.

Well thats it for my vacation rant and more technical blogs on WPF are soon to come, so stay tuned!

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